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    Free Land of Vincentius Briannus for Speaker of Senate

    Junior Senator
    Junior Senator

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    Free Land of Vincentius Briannus for Speaker of Senate

    Post  FLVinBri on Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:50 pm

    Dear Concerned Members of the Senate,
    It had come to my attention that the once-great World Senate has become riddled with corruption and apathy towards the democratic process. The Free Land of Vincentius Briannus has been a leader in democracy since its founding in 2011. In fact, despite a period of dormancy and hibernation, Vincentius Briannus was the first to introduce our respective leaders and WA delegates Laxabros and Burnesrael to Nationstates. The FLVB has the largest population of any nation in the Senate and an excellent track record in political freedom and civil rights. Future senators, if you value your freedom, I urge you to vote for Vincentius Briannus as Speaker of the Senate.

    With gratitude,
    The Free Land of Vincentius Briannus

    WA Delegate/Chief Justice
    WA Delegate/Chief Justice

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    Re: Free Land of Vincentius Briannus for Speaker of Senate

    Post  Burnesrael on Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:55 pm

    The people of Burnesrael endorse this endeavor
    My people and I are confident that FLVB will make an amazing SotS and will lead with democratic ideals in mind

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