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    Direct Democracy

    WA Delegate/Chief Justice
    WA Delegate/Chief Justice

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    Direct Democracy

    Post  Burnesrael on Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:21 pm

    I'd like to propose a new Legislative body to be added to our current unicameral system. My idea is to bring back the House of Nations (the idea of it was briefly discussed when this great region was founded) and make it a directly democratic legislative body.

    All nations in this region would have 1 vote in the House of Nations. Anyone with a forum account would be allowed a vote and the body would vote through polls on the forum.

    I propose that for all future polls/elections or any type of voting on the forum that the voter replies to the topic stating their vote. This will add transparency, as with the current system youcannot see who voted for what.

    Some polls can be determined to have private outcomes, so members will not be discouraged from stating their minds by possible retaliation because of their opinion.

    Overall, the HoN will allow the larger public to organize and get involved in the system that is our region. This will add to the democratic nature of our great region, and to the retainment of new nations that will allow our region to thrive.

    WA Delegate TWS
    WA Delegate/Chief Justice
    WA Delegate/Chief Justice

    Posts : 113
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    Re: Direct Democracy

    Post  Burnesrael on Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:26 pm

    In addition, I'd like to propose the creation of a multi party system for this house and the Senate.
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    Delta Force

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    Re: Direct Democracy

    Post  Delta Force on Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:38 pm

    I would like to form the Constitutional Utilitarian Party.

    The people of this party shall maximize the total utls of our society here in TWS. This will bring happiness to all on an equal level. We also hold a strong belief in the Constitution and the laws it has set forth. We will trust in our forefathers, the writers of this great Constitution, with our lives.

    Join the CUP. We will see your glass filled to its greatest extent

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    Re: Direct Democracy

    Post  LAX on Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:29 pm

    I am opposed to having a bicameral legislature.

    1) Having a Senate would be much simpler. Since we are not organized into States, like the United States of America, a House of Representatives (Nations) would not be necessary.

    2) When I made the Constitution, I pictured a region where the Senate campaigns where the biggest events of the month. I dreamed that every member of the region wanted to be a member of the Senate, and delve in the Honor and Elegance that comes with it.

    3) If we added a simple direct-representative house, the Senate would become near useless.

    4) I've made the Senate very public friendly, when I drafted the Constitution. They are elected every 30 days, the fewest out of all the elected officials. 1/5 of the Region will be in the Senate! Our "Senate" is more of a hybrid with the characteristics of the US House, with many participants and frequent elections, but the design of the Senate.

    Yes, the Senate that we have is a representative democracy. However, it is the as close to being a direct democracy than any other Legislature I have ever seen.

    WA Delegate/Chief Justice
    WA Delegate/Chief Justice

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    Re: Direct Democracy

    Post  Burnesrael on Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:59 pm

    Yes. You make good points. The exclusivity if the Senate would be lost with a HoN, when we can easily reproduce the effects of direct democracy with forum polls, without having to create a separate House for all nations to reside.

    But to clarify, the HoN would be nothing like the America House of Reps. The US House of Representatives does not consist of all American citizens as a HON would. It is based off of regional representation, while a HoN would be directly democratic.
    As with point 2, there would be no elections to contest with the glory of the Senate elections. Any nation on the forum would automatically be in the HoN. It would just be a way of organizing the voting of the masses in our region.

    I do love, however, how large the senate will be with respect to the regional population. This makes the need for direct democracy lower, as we will be closer to it already with 1/5 of the populace in the legislative body.

    But we will be doing what a HoN would be doing anyway. Any poll that is leveled to all of the nations of this region would be effectively the same, if only you called it a different thing, a house of nations vote.

    What I proposed was simply to give a name to what we will already be doing, voting as an entire region.

    Unless this legislative body was given the power to amend the law, an action I would be against. A HoN would only be used for basically polling the masses, asking their opinions. But I see that overall, the idea of the HoN is unnecessary.

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    Re: Direct Democracy

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